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4/20/2019 Alviso Salt Ponds

Apr. 20th, 2019 05:55 pm
mrkinch: Erik holding fieldglasses in "Russia" (binocs)
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Today U and I went of the first of three GGAS bird-a-thon trips we've signed up for, exploring an area neither of us had visited, the southern part of Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, salt ponds in process of restoration. I was initially skeptical because the leader hadn't been to the area in a few years and I assumed he hadn't scouted. But not only had he clearly done virtual scouting (ebird, perhaps?) but is such a good birder and so generally knowledgeable about birds, especially in the Bay Area, that it was fine. The group was pleasant, too, and the men were quiet. I so rarely bird with men that I had totally forgotten that there were bound to be some in the group!

We had nine species of duck, which surprised me, though most were represented by one bird or a pair, and quite a few species of shorebird although they'll be mostly gone by the end of the month. Bird of the day was a hybrid duck, blue-winged teal (perfect facial crescent) X cinnamon teal (IMO, for whatever that's worth, based on breast color and bill shape). Very cool. Early Spring at the bottom of the Bay: )

Besides the leader we had someone from California Coastal Conservancy to tell us about the history of the salt ponds and what was being done and planned for their future. She was amazing, and added so much to the afternoon. U and I are already making plans to return in August, when the early shorebirds start moving south again, as well as next winter. It's always great to discover a new place.
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Title: A Very un-English Murder
Fandom: Inspector Grant [Josephine Tey, specifically Book 1: The Man in the Queue]
Warning: Spoilers for the solution to the murder, including the murderer
Form: Pantoum
Length: 462
100 Fandoms prompt: .099 Unless
Notes: Upon a re-listen of The Man in the Queue, I got a bit tired of Grant going on an on about how un-English the murder was, so I expressed my displeasure in verse!

It was a very un-English murder. )

52F - 43F : Rainy

Apr. 20th, 2019 08:57 pm
zhelana: (seaQuest - light and dark)
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I did spend a little bit of time writing last night, which is good. Then I went to bed around 2:30 and woke up around 2:10. I got up and read DW until it was time for my appointment at World Toyota. I got there easily, and they managed to upsell me on new windshield wiper blades at buy one get one free. Then I went into a trailer labeled "customer lounge." At first all I saw were rows of chairs aimed at a large television that was playing the braves game. Then I saw a room off to the side labeled "customer workstations" which had three high top tables with three chairs at each. There was no one in this room, so I claimed an entire table and set up my laptop. I fought with the wifi for a minute or two before deciding that I'd just read instead, so I read all my kindle books.

About 50 minutes later, someone came to get me, which is a nice personal touch over the intercoms you can barely understand at Atlanta Toyota. I paid and left. I was about halfway home when I remembered Kevin is at Brandon's playing a RPG so I needed to feed myself. I took a slight detour and went to Zaxby's.

I ate and then went home and started in on my reading again. I'm 2 chapters from done with The Municipalists so I think I plan to finish that overnight tonight. If not, I'll certainly finish it by Monday. Then I can (re)start on Early Riser.

I didn't go on a walk today because it was raining when I came home from the car vet.

My mom asked me to take her dog for an extra 2 days next weekend. I already was supposed to have him Monday to Friday, but now I have him until Sunday evening as she and my father are going to the Gammons' house to spend a weekend at the lake after they come home from Hilton Head. The Gammons are moving away from the lake because their huge house is just taking too much effort to clean now that they don't have 3 kids at home to help with the chores, and there really isn't any use for a house with an entire suite downstairs where one of their sons and his wife used to live.

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Apr. 20th, 2019 06:11 pm
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D:OS2 has a whole bunch of new faces and hairstyles! Like ... a lot more. This is what I signed up for!!

Fannish odds and ends

Apr. 20th, 2019 05:51 pm
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I went into a black hole at work post-vacation and I'm just barely emerging, finally. I spent the day on the couch, watching TV and napping. I'm too tired for anything else! But I have tickets to Endgame for 11am Friday and 12pm Saturday, so that's exciting. It seems like a long time away, in internet years; every day, the odds of getting spoiled go up exponentially every time I load Tumblr and Twitter. I think I'll make Monday night my cut-off, so I can watch the livestream of the red carpet on premieres night, and then I'm going dark on the internet until Friday. TRUST NO ONE. I'm so excited for this movie. I'm entertaining no hate or gloom about it.

Meanwhile, Star Trek: Discovery wrapped up its second season, which I had no intention of watching until I was in Europe and the first 10 eps of season 2 suddenly became available to download to my iPad via Netflix, due to me not being in the US. !! (I got the rest by ponying up $6 to Amazon Prime last night for a one month CBS all access subscription.) And without spoiling, I can tell you - that's how I fell in love with Anson Mount's Christopher Pike. As I said on Twitter, it was perfect casting and a brilliant performance, and in 14 episodes of a bad show, he went from being a footnote in TOS canon/Spock's history to being my fave captain. Bar none. The end. I NEED A PIKE'S ENTERPRISE series. Why can't we have nice things??

more about why I love Pike and his actor, with brief spoilers )

Also meanwhile and on the men in love front lines of fandom: cut for Shadowhunters, Magicians, American Gods and Roswell talk with spoilers )

Other media I'm watching: Warrior (which is sort of like Deadwood via San Francisco, but from the perspective of the Chinese re the Tong wars); Fosse/Verdon (unsure about this one; Michelle Williams seems like she's ACtinG! and it's putting me off); Billions (still a master class in acting from Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis); A Discovery of Witches (not sure about this one yet, either). Game of Thrones is back, too! Full of dragons, incest and treachery to the end, I'm sure.

WHERE ARE MY PIKE FANS AT. Where are the people who are unspoiled for and excited about Endgame?! I know you're out there. *peers into the internet*
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Medication plus sleep and a bit of sun hopefully equals me actually being awake tomorrow? Am quite hazy this afternoon and still not accomplishing much but there is a discernable upward trend in my level of focus.

Also ebooks of The Goblin Emperor are on sale.

[admin post] Admin Post: The Poetry Page: On The Bummel with Mrs. Hudson

Apr. 21st, 2019 01:44 am
scfrankles: (Mrs. Hudson)
[personal profile] scfrankles posting in [community profile] holmes_minor
As it is Eastertide, I thought this time we might go no further than the back garden and indulge in an Easter egg hunt!

(I must just emphasise that the plane tree remains out of bounds though. It still hasn’t quite recovered from Mr. Holmes climbing up after Roberts, the ‘Covent Garden Gooser,’ and I do not want to take any chances.)

Does everyone have a basket…? Excellent. So if you’ll follow me to the back door…

Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson are of course well-known connoisseurs of the hardboiled egg, and here is a quotation from one of the doctor’s… lesser… works ‘The Valley of Fear’ (if he brings it up, say you’re saving it for a special occasion. Which hell freezing over certainly is) to assist you in your poetic composition:

He was in his most cheerful and debonair humour. “My dear Watson, when I have exterminated that fourth egg I shall be ready to put you in touch with the whole situation.”

And here are the usual suggestions for poetry forms:

221B verselet, abecedarian poetry, acrostic poetry, alexandrine, ballad, barzelletta, beeswing, blackout poetry, blitz poem, blues stanza, bref double, Burns stanza, call and response, chastushka, cherita, cinquain, circular poetry, clerihew, clogyrnach, colour poems, compound word verse, concrete poetry, Cornish verse, curtal sonnet, débat, décima, descort, diamante, doggerel, double dactyl, echo verse, ekphrasis, elegiac couplet, elegiac stanza, elfje, englyn, enuig, epigram, epistle, epitaph, epulaeryu, Etheree, fable, Fib, florette, found poetry, free verse, ghazal, haiku, hay(na)ku, In Memoriam stanza, Italian sonnet, jueju, kennings poem, lanturne, lies, limerick, line messaging, list poem, lyric poetry, mathnawī, micropoetry, mini-monoverse, musette, nonsense verse, palindrome poetry, pantoum, Parallelismus Membrorum, poem cycle, puente, quatern, quintilla, renga, rhyming alliterisen, riddle, rimas dissolutas, rime couée, rispetto, Schüttelreim, sedoka, septet, sestina, shadorma, sonnet, stream of consciousness, tanka, tercet, terza rima, tongue twister poetry, triangular triplet, tricube, trine, triolet, Tyburn, villanelle, xenolith

And here we are in the garden! Please do feel free to look about. There may be other things as well as eggs to help you in your creative endeavours.

What about over there?

Or above our heads?

Or pegged on the washing line?

Something hiding in the shrubbery perhaps?

Or what about here?
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[personal profile] greywash posted: Magicians 4x13 spoilers ongoing, natch

I am one of those who is debating doing a de-rec of the show. Below cut, trigger warnings and spoilers for those who are still unspoiled.
triggers )
I know this sounds dramatic, I know it's not rational, but I'm not rational right now, and it's bothering me enough to put it here.

I recced this show for a lot of reasons, but one of them was for how it handled mental illness and how much work they put into doing it well, showing both short- and long-term consequences and ongoing issues. To anyone who watched because of those recs, I'm so sorry.


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Ricky Buchanan