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Ricky Buchanan ([personal profile] jeshyr) wrote2016-10-31 09:25 pm

Recipes and food musings

I have discovered over time two things: That if I stick rigidly to my low-histamine/anti-migraine diet my migraines are greatly reduced, and that if I am in a spot with low migraines I can get away with greatly relaxing the restrictions.

This leads to an up-and-down cycle where I have really bad migraines, stick super well to the restrictions, then after a few weeks (it takes a while to kick in) the migraines reduce and once it feels really stable I relax the restrictions, and then after a while I get a patch of really bad migraines and have to restrict again. The diet is not the only thing that affects my migraines, so they'd be up-and-down even without but this exacerbates it.

It's very frustrating because (a) migraines are not fun, and (b) the restrictions are things I find frustrating and onerous, so I don't want to be stuck with them when it's not absolutely necessary.

Things not to eat for optimum Ricky migraine control -

Super important to avoid: Bacon/ham/any preserved meat, cheese, tomato, chocolate, any cooked meat/fish kept in fridge (i.e.: leftovers).
Uncertain status, best to avoid: Onion, avocado, mushrooms, alcohol, anything fermented, citrus, nuts.

I'm in a patch right now where the migraines are sucky and I am being super restrictive and OMG THIS SUCKS. I know if I have to do it that I can, but I hates it. Food is one of the few things where I can bring change and variety into my life since I can't go places or (mostly) see new people or do many new things ...

So anyway here are some recipes I found in recent searching that seem like they fit (or could be altered to fit):

Crispy sweet potato roast
Cabbage and Italian Sausage Casserole
Garlicky baked fries (tried these today - yummmmmmm)

(I really should look into low FODMAP trial at some point too but at the moment I'm chafing so much at these restrictions the idea of adding to them is making me flail.)


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