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The next Craft & Chat afternoon will be on Sunday the 14th of February. There will be no romance involved, so it's a safe zone for anybody who wants to hide from that with some low-key friends.

And since somebody asked last time, no you don't actually need to bring any craft-related stuff if you are not an art or craft type. If you can bring something quiet you can do when you don't feel like chatting that would probably be good, or you can always hit up my bookshelf. Or, y'know, chat!

Times: 11am-4pm, come for whatever whole or part of that you'd like to.

Other details are as usual.

See you there!

Due to widespread misunderstanding of the term "Stitch and Bitch" by people unfamiliar with the concept, I'm calling them "Craft and Chat" for now. Don't want people to think we're bitchy!!


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