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I just want to tell the whole world that I love my friends!

I am reading through my reading-list journals today and in the last few days worth of journal entries and other posts I've seen:

  • Spoiler/trigger warnings and cut-tags for multiple different potentially-triggery topics

  • Multiple people acknowledging (implicitly or explicitly) that somebody's identity doesn't necessarily match the body they're born into (in terms of sex/gender, name, etc.)

  • Multiple people explicitly stating that certain things are their own opinion and that they understand other peoples' opinions will differ.

  • Textual descriptions of images used in significant ways.

  • User-added transcripts of included non-captioned video.

So yeah, you guys rock. Totally.

Nobody's ever perfect about recognising and acknowledging privilege, being accessible, making sure their language expresses exactly and only what they mean, or any of the other stuff but seeing people doing their best with all that stuff .... wow. It matters a lot to me that I hang around people who think this is a goal worth shooting for!

I was just sitting here being impressed. So yeah, you folks rock. Thank you for being you!!

- Ricky


jeshyr: Blessed are the broken. Harry Potter. (Default)
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