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Ricky painting a metal frame, smiling at camera

Things I remembered to buy/borrow/bring outside

  • Paint

  • Turps

  • Appropriate sized brush

  • Screwdriver to open paint tin

  • Newspaper

Things I forgot to buy/borrow/bring outside

To my stunned amazement, only a paint stirrer and a hammer. And I just grabbed a stick and used that to stir the paint, and used the base of the screwdriver to hammer the lid back on at the end, so all was good!

Things that got paint on them unintentionally

  • Pa's stool (but only a small smudge)

  • Floor of garage (not too much!)

Bits of me which got paint on them

  • My hair (I think it was only a few strands. I felt it stick when I leaned in, but couldn't find the spot on my hair when I went to clean up.)

  • My hands and wrists (this is traditional and doesn't count!)

  • Only two small bits of paint on forearms, both spots where I'd accidentally brushed against an already-painted bit of metal.

Things I had forgotten about painting

  • When painting something you have to reach around/through, paint the bits furthest away from you before painting the closer bits or you'll get paint on your forearms :)

  • Turps feels disgusting on one's skin (but does remove the paint).

  • You'll never get the paint out from under your fingernails, even with the turps.

So it's all painted now! I was going to do it in two halves since there's so many metal bits that are close and it's hard to paint all the bits from all the angles, but I got enthused so the first coat's all done and it's sitting in the garage waiting to dry so I can do it all again tomorrow. And then I have the steps to do, plus sealing the base of the old seat.

I really really really love painting things!



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