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Having got to a phase in health where I'm only managing a bath every 3-4 weeks now, my hair was really REALLY not coping. Even with all my (extensive) no-poo techniques it only lasts 2 weeks between washes before it starts to be untenably icky. So a few days ago one of my awesome support workers clipped it for me ... tada:

Ricky with bald head, wearing blue T-shirt and lying on a blue sheet

I did not mean to colour-coordinate with my own sheets, BTW. That's an unexpected bonus ;)

I'm still peeved that stupid illness takes away the choice of what I do with my hair, but I also don't mind being bald, so it kind of balances out. It's definitely something I'd choose sometimes of my own accord, I just wish it was my choice.

Other than that things have been very quiet. Lots of sleeping. Lots of talking radio and audiobooks and podcasts. Oh, that reminds me .. a few new podcasts that others may enjoy:

SpyCast - Fascinating stories from the intelligence communities. Last one I listened to was an extended interview with the actual guy involved in the "Argos" fake movie cover used to get the hostages out of Iran. They made a movie about it recently, I believe.

The Pollsters - A Republican pollster and a Democrat pollster talk about what's new in polling that week. I started listening to it just after the election when they were discussing "what went wrong" but it's interesting all the time, I discovered.

Listening to lots of podcasts and audiobooks and talking radio because I'm spending lots of time resting (in waterbed away from computer) and asleep lately. According to my magic Apple Watch averaging 10.5 hours sleep this week, but probably 2-4 hours more per day when I'm in the waterbed but not asleep. Hence lots of audio input. Thank ghods for technology.

Ability to type fluctuates. Tonight I'm relatively OK (i.e.: it hurts and I type this in about 5 small parts) but other days it's on-screen keyboard only. Luckily MacOS Sierra is way better at on screen keyboards than previous OSs because it's built in now, but they still suck basically.

Stay well, friends.
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jeshyr: Blessed are the broken. Harry Potter. (Default)
Ricky Buchanan